Can Black People Get Lice?

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The people thought that black people could never get lice, but we prove it as the opposite. Nowadays, the situation is different. Black people can also get lice, and now this condition is increasing day by day. In the past, black boys mostly cut their hair properly. The girls most often grease their hair with fine oils so that they have less chance to get lice.

Black people mostly have curly hair in their hygiene. This kind of hair has a proper texture as they grow from the scalp in oval, but the white people’s hair( straight hair) have the round shape when they rise from the scalp.

Why Do Black People Have Different Hair?

Hair follicles are small pockets in our scalp from which our hair grows. If the number of follicles is large, then the amount of hair is more significant, too this the why black people have thicker hair than the other races. The shape of their hair is oval, which is also different from other hair.

Can African Americans Get Lice?

The answer is yes. African Americans get lice, but the amount in them is lesser than that of others. Because they take care of them recently after establishing them, they use gel or oil to grease their hair. The process of finding the lice in them is most complicated from all other races in our point of view. It is because of the thickness of their hair.

Can Afro Hair Get Lice?

Afro is the type of hair that has curls in its nature. It belongs to the specific race of people that are mostly dark-skinned and called black people. Afro hair is curled and thick hair mostly. Lice don’t leave any kind of hair no matter if they are Afro or any other type. However, it is too difficult to get rid of lice in them.

If you have short hair then it is a little bit easy for you to control or to comb also. What to do? You have to make many small sections of hair to make combing easier. If you are thinking to straighten them for the treatment purpose, use permanent straightening methods to relax your hair.

Another solution is to shave the head if you think it is possible. If not, then leave.

How To Get Rid Of Lice In African American Hair?

I’ve heard from many people about this confusion that if black people have head lice or not? One of my African patients who live in the US came to me who have this problem, and his children were suffering from head lice infestation too. He was much worried about it because of the disturbed routine of their children who can’t concentrate on their studies properly and was mentally disturbed too.

The patient was actually finding a way to get rid of lice. For this purpose, tried many ways but no way affected completely on killing the lice. Then he washed his and his family’s hair, use dry combing, and rubbing alcohol, but alcohol more affected on the scalp as a side effect than affecting the lice. That’s why he didn’t want to use any medication to cure the lice.

We suggest to him the effective remedy for this purpose. Now we are going to share it with you.

How To Use Olive Oil On Black People’s Hair?

  • Use olive oil. You have to pour this into a color bottle okay because it makes the application a whole lot easier it has a small spout, and you’ll able to use it in the roots of the hair.
  • We’re going to use the olive oil to help lubricate the scalp and also act as a hot oil treatment this is going actually to give you tons of shine it’s going to alleviate dry, itchy scalp and it’s going to make you feel wonderful, and your hair is gonna have a wonderful shine not to mention.
  • Olive oil is good for you now remember part of the hair in sections, making sure that you apply the olive oil directly on the scalp. Anything that is left over will automatically run onto the hair. Olive oil is an excellent lubricant.
  • So be sure to use it at least once a month remembers to take care of your hair if you have comfortable hair, it’s very important.

How To Treat Head Lice In Dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are the especial kind of hairstyle which mostly the black people adopt. They have much thicker hair than any other kind. If any people with dreadlocks infested with lice, it is most difficult to cure them. The most comfortable and common way to cut the dreadlocks; to treat the lice. The second way is to release the dreadlocks and then straight them. They have thick hair, so the straightening process is quite complicated than the first process.

Some Useful Tips To Prevent Lice In Black People
  1. Take care that you and your family are not sharing their personal items like hairpins, towels, combs, hats, etc.
  2. Avoid head to head contact and also guide kids about this. It is a way to get lice into the hair.
  3. You can’t stop your hair growth although you can cut them short to relax your hair and decrease the risks of getting lice. If you already got them, it’s easy to tackle them more in shorter hair than long hair.
  4. If you have dreadlocks, check them regularly to prevent the lice infestation.
  5. Make a good habit of combing regularly once a week.

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