Cetaphil Lice Treatment Step By Step Guide

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Head lice can infect anyone from preschool or elementary-age children to adult family members. A head lice infestation is easily transmitted; therefore, the key to eliminating lice is early detection and ongoing treatment. Cetaphil is an effective treatment.

What are lice?Overview

Although visible to the naked eye, head lice (the singular term is louse) are tiny wingless insects, parasites that live in the hair and on the human scalp. They feed on minimal amounts of blood drawn from the scalp.

Symptoms to have lice:

Lice are not much dangerous, and they cannot transmit diseases. ; However, their bites can cause itchy and inflamed scalp. If persistent scratching develops, skin irritation and even infections can occur.

How to cure lice infestation using Cetaphil:

The presence of lice can evoke fear, particularly in parents. The treatment options available to eradicate this parasitic insect take time to act. If you prefer to avoid using traditional chemical treatments, you can try alternative options, such as occlusion treatments that suffocate lice.

A small study that looked at Cetaphil Skin Cleanser as an occlusion treatment, published in the September 2004 issue of “Pediatrics, “showed that three weekly therapies resulted in a 96% cure rate, with 94% of study subjects still free from lice six months after the procedure. Since there is no further published research on the role of Cetaphil as a lice treatment, this product has not been considered as a first-line drug for lice. However, clinical lice report claims:

Step 1:

Put 240 gr. of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser in a plastic bottle. Alternatively, you can use a 240 gr empty dressing dispenser. Place a towel on the person’s shoulder before starting the treatment.

Step 2:

Apply Cetaphil freely on dry hair, using most or all of the contents of the bottle. Massage well into the scalp. Make sure that Cetaphil is entirely and uniformly applied in all areas of the scalp and hair.

Step 3:

Wait 2 minutes, then comb as much excess Cetaphil as possible. This step is completed when you no longer see the white cleaner. After finishing with the comb, clean by immersing it in alcohol for 10 minutes, or by putting the comb in the hottest cycle of the dishwasher.

Step 4:

Using a hairdryer, dry your hair thoroughly. For this treatment to be efficient, the whole scalp and hair must be completely dry. Therefore, the remaining cleanser dries on the scalp and hair. Suppose this process takes twice as long to dry your hair.

Step 5:

After the hair is dry, use a comb or brush with alcohol or heat-treated to style. Do not apply hair styling products, such as gel or mousse, during this treatment phase.

Step 6:

Leave the treatment overnight or at least 8 hours. You may want to cover your hair with a nightcap or shower cap. In the morning, shampoo and comb as usual with a clean comb or brush.

Step 7:

Repeat the treatment with Cetaphil Cleanser after seven days, then again after seven days. Following this step is necessary to disrupt the life cycle of lice eggs, or nits, which hatch every 7-10 days. Things you will need:

  • Cetaphil Skin Cleanser, at least 700 gr.
  • 240 gr applicator bottle. Designed for use with hair products
  • Comb
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Towel
  • Hairdryer
  • Shower cap, optional

Some useful tips:

Clean your home while treating lice. Before treatment, wash all sheets and towels in hot water and put them in a hot dryer. Heats above 130 degrees Fahrenheit will kill lice on the bed.

Safety measures to use Cetaphil:

While the study published in “Pediatrics” concluded that Cetaphil could be useful, not enough research is available for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to consider Cetaphil a treatment for lice. If Cetaphil does not effectively treat lice infestation, talk to a doctor about the other options available.

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