How To Use Coconut Oil For Lice?

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Lice are one of the tricky parasites that belong to you and mostly to your head or hair. They are small but not easy to kill. They are smart and can dodge quickly during lice treatment. That’s why some of the lice left after the first treatment.

Do you have this issue, you really know what I am talking about. People try many ways of getting rid of them, but some have sensitive skin, or due to any other reason, they don’t want to choose some more toxic or chemical procedure. Coconut oil is an easy to use home remedy and with low risk of side effects.

Does Coconut Oil Works Against Lice?

Like some of the other remedies, coconut oil is helpful to you as it is a smothering agent and with fewer effort lice will start dying. Here are some pieces of evidence to prove our saying. Let’s begin.

  • Many hair products that contain coconut oil are helpful to decrease the number of lice.
  • It smothers the lice and they can’t move towards the hair.
  • It’s low in cost and easily available.
  • You can take it anywhere when you’re going to travel.
  • It has the least side effects than any chemical product.
  • You can apply in a large amount directly on your scalp.
  • It helps the skin fighting against many issues like dandruff, or insects like lice.
  • Coconut oil moisturizes the dry scalp and protects it from dryness.
  • It makes your hair shinier and soft and also repairs your hair for better growth.

Some Simple But Beneficial Points About Coconut Oil Against Lice

Some methods can help get rid of lice with coconut but we are not talking about the difficult methods here. People who are already fed up by the difficult methods they don’t want to try them again for them. Are you?

Lice often appear in schools, and it is often difficult to get rid of them. If you are looking for a natural solution, opt for coconut oil. Find out how lice grow and how to get rid of them effectively. Among the most effective ingredients against lice is coconut hair oil.

Connoisseurs can only confirm this to you as the benefits of this natural oil are numerous. Of course, we are not going to let you guess these benefits. We will reveal everything to you, and above all, you will know why this oil is so effective in the fight against this plague that is lice!

How To Suspect For Lice And Lice Eggs(Nits)?

There are some ways to suspect for lice or nits, but the main question arises here that how you feel them?

If you feel continuous itchiness or crawling sensation on your head, you surely have the lice because it is one of the most common symptoms ever found. But this condition also suspects you for dandruff. Now, what to do? First, you have to find them and then conclude the actual reason for your worry.

How To Find The Lice Or Nits?

Here are the things that will help you in finding the purpose.

  • Clear torchlight.
  • A fine-toothed comb.
  • Magnifying glass.
  • A bright white paper.

Firstly you have to untie your hair and comb them with a daily hairbrush. Then wet the hair to make the combing process more comfortable. Make portions of your hair and comb them thoroughly.

Place them on the white paper or a piece of white cloth. Brighten the torchlight and see them carefully. If they are crawling light brown objects on the white paper, it must be lice.

Coconut Oil: Know The Remedy

Now that this pleasant step has been taken, let’s talk about coconut oil. Indeed, the latter is a perfect natural remedy for the treatment of lice. This offers you a desirable alternative to the use of anti-lice products, which often contain chemicals. And who says chemicals necessarily speak of side effects. With coconut vegetable oil, you won’t have to go there!

In this framework against lice, coconut oil acts by suffocating them. Clearly, lice breathe using holes on each side of their body. Generally, this parasite closes them so as not to be intoxicated. Coconut oil will act directly on these orifices. Clearly, this natural oil will use the holes and make sure that they remain stuck. Thus, the lice are asphyxiated and die. This method is simple yet effective. Indeed, this allows you to kill all of the lice on the head of children very quickly.

How To Properly Apply Coconut Oil?

For coconut oil to be effective, you must know how to use it. In the case of lice control, this is how you should do it. First, you will need to liquefy the coconut oil. Remember that this oil allows its solid form above 22 ° C. Thereafter, you will only have to take a small amount of the product to put in your hand. Spread it all over your child’s hair.

Take care to massage well and wait for both the scalp and the tips. It is advisable to wrap the hair to be treated with cellophane. Let it sit overnight. The goal is not to let the air pass so that the lice are well asphyxiated. It is only in the morning that you rinse your hair and do your shampoo. You will have to repeat this operation ten after in order to eliminate the nits. Remember that they will have become lice by this time.

Coconut Oil With Apple Cider Vinegar For Lice

  • Take enough apple cider vinegar, the one you need to wash your hair. Make sure to wash all the hair and allow it to dry completely. Here, the vinegar dissolves the glue that attaches the louse eggs to the hair follicles.
  • After the vinegar has completely dried, you have to apply the coconut oil to your hair. Apply coconut oil thoroughly as it has to cover the entire area of ​​your hair and scalp.
  • Then cover the hair with a shower cap or a hair wrap or towel and leave it on for the whole day. As the hours go by, the coconut oil kills the lice ultimately.
  • Now comb your hair to get rid of all the lice and their eggs. After the styling process is complete, then wash your hair with your usual shampoo.
  • You have to do this process as many times as necessary to get the best results in lice removal and to have beautiful and shiny hair.

Side Effects And Potential Risks Of Coconut Oil Against Lice

Home remedies have lesser chances of side effects than any other method or medication. It is a natural ingredient so that you can use it comfortably. Many people want to know that is it dangerous to apply it for a long time or not? The answer is that it varies according to your skin condition. For safe use, you can test it in a large amount on a small part of your skin, accept the head, because it is sensitive. If you feel allergy on that part, never use it on the scalp. You should wash it as soon as possible after the treatment.


You can use coconut oil against lice, but it cannot kill the nits or lice eggs completely. It suffocates the lice and loses its grip. If you are in critical condition, consult your doctor immediately. Somehow it can give your hair shine and smooth them also. So it can treat your hair and lice both at the same time.

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