Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Lice?

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Lice become a nuisance when they are in the form of head lice infestation. They lay many eggs that will hatch soon, and your scalp will be full of these parasites. You have to be careful when you feel itchy. Their main symptom is that you feel itchy when you get them to your head. You can control them easily when rapidly when they enter your head.

The first step is to check your hair regularly so that you can find or get them out easily when they are one or two in number. Have you got them already and finding the best solution?  Rubbing Alcohol is the way people use for killing lice. There is no scientific evidence that it can kill 100% lice, unfortunately. Although it can kill them whether its killing ratio is not 100%, you can use it if you want to use it because many other treatments also fail to remove them completely.

Is Rubbing Alcohol Beneficial To You Against Lice?

It’s easy to use because you can apply it alone without any other ingredient. The question here is how it works when you use it. It basically drunk the lice, and you can get them out with no effort. Many other products can just smother the lice, and after some time, they are active again and start to feed on your blood. It is beneficial to use isopropyl alcohol because you just need one or two sitting for this treatment, and the lice will be gone completely.

Can Isopropyl Alcohol Kill Lice Eggs(Nits)?

Here is another major problem, and that are nits. Alcohol can kill lice but completely but can’t kill their eggs completely. You can prove it for lice, and after it, you can use another thing for eggs, and that is vinegar. The use of 50% vinegar with an equal amount of water can lose the grip of lice eggs, and they can’t stick to the hair shafts and fall off.

How To Kill Lice With Alcohol?

The direct use of Alcohol can cause some burning or itchiness on the sensitive skin. Here is another way to use it safely. Read the steps to apply it on your own.

  1. Untie the hair and comb them with a regular comb.
  2. Make portions of the hair if they are thick enough for combing. It’s just to make the combing easier.
  3. Take a fine amount of pure rubbing Alcohol ( isopropyl alcohol) and a fine-toothed comb for getting lice and nits out of the head.
  4. Dip the comb into the Alcohol and comb it to the hair. This way can prevent you from skin irritation or any kind of skin allergy, which are caused by alcohol reaction.
  5. When combing is done overall the head and hair, let the hair rest for 15 minutes at least.
  6. Wash them with your regular shampoo and feel the comfort.
  7. Repeat it once and comb after every two to three days till the lice are killed after hatching the nits.

An Alternative Method

Rubbing Alcohol is not 100% proven for killing lice, so it is this same with you can use another thing that a better alternative. That is ethanol alcohol. Its killing ratio is more than isopropyl.

One thing more easy and easily accessible nowadays. That is hand sanitizer because it also has a fine amount of Alcohol and also safe to use.

Safety Precautions About The Treatment. Read Carefully

  • Never try any treatment many times. You can check two to three times about its results. If you are not getting success, left it, lice may be resistant to that treatment, so it’s useless to keep it continue.
  • Never mix many remedies or methods. Use only one at a time, and if that is not working, then try another technique.
  • Always check and read the label carefully for the instructions you have must follow.
  • ¬†Prevent your eyes and mouth while using Alcohol because they are the most sensitive part of your body can get harm by Alcohol.
  • Never ingest Alcohol because it also makes you drunk the same as lice.

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