Does Hair Dye Kill Lice?

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Many confusions occur behind this mystery that does hair dye kill lice or not? People wanted to know about this, so we are going to inform you of the reasons why people believe it as a solution to head lice infestation. In some cases, it affects, but its not the permanent solution. The hair dye includes chemicals that may give any harm to your skin. Anyhow if you want to use, let's begin to know the exact reason to condemn of using it as a treatment.

How Hair Dye works against lice?

Hair dye contains ammonium persulphate, which is an oxidizer. Such kind of chemicals can release an irritating gas. It disturbs them so the lice are suffocating due to this. They lose the hair grip, and you can easily remove them from hair, but there are some efficient methods for you to apply this on to your hair to get rid of lice. You can use tea-tree oil for smothering purpose because it is safer to use even by the kids also.

Does bleach kill lice?

Sometimes bleach is considered as a treatment for the lice. But we should know that is this useful or not? As the hair dye, bleach is also mimicking the neuro-toxic to damage the lice neurologically. Bleaching agents will help you to choke the lice. It can harm your hair because it dries up and burns up your scalp. 

How can it harm you?​​​​​

It is dangerous for your skin as it can create reddishness on your scalp or your face also. In this treatment, you should take some of the limitations as we can't use it frequently to avoid that allergic sensation. It can also affect the kids especially because they have sensitive skin, and ammonia in bleach can harm them easily. Some other chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and hair sprays with strong chemical effects can also be a great danger for the children’s sensitive skin.

Does hairspray kill lice?

Hairspray or gel from our point of view cannot kill lice, but it can make the grip of the lice on the hair shafts lose. They can't hang on to the hair. But it also cannot kill or remove nits from the hair. You can use the gel for smoothing the hair for combing, and it is not too dangerous as the other methods. It can easily remove lice but not the nits.

How is it useful to dye your hair?

It can make your hair smooth and give you a perfect outlook. Your hair will have a thicker look. It becomes shine and attractive than before. You can enhance your appearance by dying your hair. Hair dyes also have some other benefits like some positive effects in killing lice. It is too irritating to have lice, and you find the rapid way to release through lice. However, it is not the proper treatment, but it can kill even the live lice on the scalp.

Will hair dye kill lice and nits

As aforementioned it can't kill them permanently because keep in mind that nits are safe yet. It will not kill the lice eggs(nits). It may not harm the eggshells, so the premature lice in the eggs will remain safe. So it's not the permanent solution, but you can try it as a treatment.

Safety measures to use hair dye


Avoid mixing different types of hair dye.


Properly follow the instruction while using.


Wash your hair with clean water thoroughly.


Never left it on your head for a long time.


Use it according to your skin condition and type.

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