Head Lice Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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1. Do Black People Get Lice?

2. Can African Americans Get Head Lice?

3. Can Head Lice live on sheets and pillows?

4. How much do Lice live on stuffed animals?

5. Does Hair Color Kill Lice?

6.Lice in blonde hair:

7. Can Chlorine Kill Lice?

8. What do Nits look like on paper towel?

9. Can a blow dryer kill Lice?

10. How do you get Lice?

11. What does it feel like to have Lice, does it scratch?

12. How long can Lice live without a human host?

13. Do Lice like clean or dirty hair?

14. How to check if your child has Lice?

15. Why treat your environment against Lice and Nits?

16. How to tell the difference between Lice and Dandruff?

17. Does saltwater kill Lice?

18. Does peroxide kill Lice?

19. Can Lice survive in water?

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