How To Clean The Lice At Home Step By Step Guide

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Many times, without realizing it, it happens to have clothes invaded by lice. Bringing lice into the home, you risk spreading these invisible insects throughout the house, even on the sheets or the rest of the clothes. Lice live and are transmitted mainly through the skin, and are often not easy to eliminate. For obtaining good results, there are chemical but also natural products that can remove them, especially from clothes and sheets that can be contaminated by their proliferation.

Some Living Points Of Lice At Home:

  1. Sofa
  2. Couch
  3. Pillow
  4. Carpet
  5. Bedding
  6. Sheets
  7. Furniture
  8. Curtains
  9. Car seat
  10. Stuffed animals
  11. Toys

Things You Need:

  • Vinegar
  • Lemon
  • Sponge
  • Alcohol
  • Lysol
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Pot
  • Washing machine
  • Vacuum cleaner

Wash Everything

As for clothes, it is essential in the presence of lice, wash them thoroughly and at a rather high temperature, so that they can be destroyed with the heat of the boiling water. After which, for more excellent safety, it is advisable to sterilize them, especially those that are mainly woven and with dense fibers, using a steam iron. If these annoying insects contaminate the clothes, such as coats, jackets, and other particularly rigid and bulky items of clothing, since they cannot be thoroughly washed, you can proceed with a dry-cleaning in a specialized laundry.

How To Sanitize Your Home From Lice

However, the operation must be preceded by a spray of nebulized disinfectant based on lemongrass or alcohol, after which, with a damp sponge, you will have to clean the fabric very well. Finally, if you have a steam tool for washing or vacuum cleaner for the carpet at home, the latter will be invaluable for sterilizing them, definitively destroying the bacteria, thanks to the high temperatures they can reach. A vacuum cleaner can easily clean the carpet and also effective for the tiles and wooden floor too.

Use Natural Products Against Lice At Home

Among the natural products that can be used for washing clothes and fabrics, such as sheets and pillowcases, lemon mixed with white vinegar is very suitable. It can be added to hand or machine washing, to obtain a satisfactory result, thanks to the enormous disinfectant potential. It is, however, ideal for washing in a washing machine at high temperatures, for permanently eliminating lice from clothes and sheets to destroy the eggs close to hatching. With these simple but effective measures, the lice will be only a distant memory, and your clothes and your sheets will be perfectly clean.

For cleaning the floor or hidden places, Lysol is effective cleaner because it can clean the surfaces from germs deeply.Places like car seats, Lysol is not effective in these places. You should use a vacuum cleaner for better results.

Never Forget


We advise you to wash your clothes at ninety degrees to get the result you are hoping for.


Always contact your pharmacist to obtain the best products for the care of your body against lice.


All the procedures will be effective after killing the lice from the head. If the lice are alive on the head of any family member, then the lice never remove to your home.


Lysol can’t kill lice, so never use it as a lice killer. However, it can be used as a sanitizer for cleaning surfaces.

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