What Kind of Hair Lice Like to Live?

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As we all know, the lice live on hair or Head, and due to this reason, they are called the head lice. But different people have different kinds of hair. This difference is due to their race or genes. Here are some common types of hair where the lice live.

  • Blonde hair.
  • Curly hair.
  • Short hair.
  • Long hair.
  • Black hair.
  • Dreadlock.
  • African hair.

Lice in blonde hair:

Blonde hair or fair hair is a hair color described by low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin. The resultant visible tone depends on various factors but always has some yellowish color. They have different shades as reddish-blonde like ‘strawberry’ or golden brownish like ‘sand’. The tone difference is may be due to the age factor, so age development is also the factor of changing the shade.

Lice eggs(nits) in blonde hair:

Female lice lay six eggs in a day. In days the number of lice multiplies, and the situation will be more complicated. But don’t worry about the condition. You can control it easily. The lice in blonde hair look most visible because of the contrast. The nits are brown, and the blonde shade is light brown, so they are too much easy to find them on the scalp.

What does Lice look like in blonde hair?

Lice also seem to be clear because of the lighter shade of hair than the lice. They are translucent after feeding. So you can find them easily. We can find them by shining a white light on the Head. In this way, you see them crawling on the scalp.

Looking for lice in blonde hair:

Blonde hair and Lice

Are you worried about looking for the lice? I’ve already explained to it that it is easier than any other kind of lice. This kind of hair is thin, so the lice can’t hide themselves in the hair. You have to shine a torch over the Head. Keep it close to the scalp, and find them comfortable. Now kill them and be lice free.

Lice in curly hair:

Naturally, some people have curly hair. They grow from the scalp in zig-zag or spiral hair like springs. They have curls in their shape, so they are called curly hair. It is an amazing fact that lice mostly like straight hair besides the curly hair. There are fewer chances to get lice if you have curly hair, but you should take yourself away from the lice because it is the toughest to find them in curly hair if you have them.

How to find the lice in curly hair?

This method is quite difficult than other kinds of hair. In such kind of hair, you can’t use rough combing. Hair comb has tightly near teeth that can make it difficult. It can take more time than straight hair.

Treat the lice in curly hair:

Use chemicals as lice removal shampoo for treating the lice. After it, use a comb in wet hair and wet the hair again during the combing process.

You can also use a hairdryer for this purpose, but take care of one thing must. Never use both of the methods at the same time or during a short time. Lice removal shampoo may have flammable ingredients that can burn your skin if you use a hairdryer after it.

Lice in long hair:

Lice can live comfortably in long hair. The person who has long hair and caught in lice infestation could suffer from trouble. It is not easy to find them in long hair.

Difficulty to find and cure the lice infestation in long hair:

The lice lay eggs on hair that stick to the hair shafts as a tight glue. So as long as the hair is long, the removal of the nits is tougher too, because nits can’t be pulled out easily in long hair. Combing process is also very difficult in long hair.

Lice in short hair:

It is very easy to remove them if you have short hair. Combing is easier in short hair than any other case. If the hair is thick, then it could be difficult to comb them. But you can easily wash them or apply any kind of remedy as putting oil in them. Even applying any medication as ivermectin is more comfortable than long hair.

Lice in black hair:

Black hair is the most common type of hair found anywhere in the world. Lice can attack in the black hair also. You can find them in the black hair, but it is complicated than the blonde hair cause of the lice color. Lice are dark brown or reddish color so you can see them in the blonde hair more easier than the black. If the person has thin hair you can detect them fine whether the hair is black or not.

Lice in dreadlocks:

There is a miner chance to live lice in dreadlocks because it is too much difficult to enter lice in dreadlocks. Harder cases resemble this situation. But if such kind of person is infested once it is the most challenging condition to cure it. In this kind, the hair may be settled in permanent and tight curls, which is difficult to comb and cure with any kind of treatment.

Lice on African hair:

People who lived in Africa mostly belong to the same race. Their Head or scalp releases a natural oil That greases their hair, but they have as thick hair as the oil can’t reach the tips of the hair. Which can make the hair rough and scattered. They have less chance to have lice but miner chance to have them. You have to save yourself take away from the lice if you have African hair. It is toughest to treat lice in such kind of hair.

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