How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Lice Treatment?

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The lice are tiny parasitic insects that live on the human scalp. If you have young children, it is likely that sooner or later they will catch them at school. The lice are whitish and look like long grains of rice with legs, and their eggs, called nits, are even tinier. They are on the scalp but can spread all over your child’s hair but also to other children by touching or simply sharing a hat, comb, or pillow.

This explains why school is one of the privileged places to catch it. Lice spread very quickly. If your child brings them home, the whole family is good for treatment, including pets. Treatment of lice with tea tree Having lice even if there is a negative connotation is not dramatic. It is not synonymous with dirt, you can very well, you wash your hair every day and have some Simple treatment, and they will be eliminated. You can, for this, use a shampoo that your pharmacist or doctor will recommend, but these very often contain pesticides such as permethrin or pyrethrin.

Not only is it not supernatural, but in addition, some lice have developed resistance to these pesticides. So you will have to shampoo your children’s heads several times with pesticides !!! It is for this reason that the use of tea tree oil is fully recommended. It’s natural, strong enough to kill lice for good, but gentle enough to use on the heads of your little ones and yours.

Preventive Measures Against Head Lice

Finally, to avoid spreading or re-infestation, do not forget to wash the clothes of your infected child, the caps, the bedding (especially the pillowcases), but also the stuffed animals with soap, hot water, and tea tree oil.

Although tea tree oil is generally considered to be the safest treatment for lice, care should always be taken when using it, as with any treating shampoo. The pure use of this oil can sometimes cause irritation. So it must be diluted in the shampoo and not put a few drops directly on the head of your cherubs.

Tea-Tree, an essential oil with anti-lice properties The tea tree, whose name comes from the tea that was once made from its leaves. It grows mainly in Australia. These trees are found in the wild or cultivated under regulations related to organic products. It is a small tree whose leaves resemble needles. Its flowers are white.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits For Hair

Tea tree essential oil has many healing powers: it can act as an antiseptic, anti-infective, and antibacterial. The tea tree is effective against lice, bacteria, viruses, fungal infections, insect bites, and helps fight against digestive and respiratory infections. In external application, it is an anti-inflammatory. How to use Tea-Tree essential oil against lice? There are different recipes that allow you to make yourself a natural tea tree-based lice lotion. In all cases, the Tea Tree must be diluted in vegetable oil (sunflower oil, olive oil or argan oil). It can be combined with other essential oils such as fine organic lavender.

How To Make Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Against Lice

To treat your child, either you buy a shampoo containing tea tree oil or you. Add a few drops of this oil in your usual shampoo. See also how to make your own Tea Tree shampoo. Apply the shampoo to your child’s wet hair, leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse and always wet hair. Comb your child’s hair, ideally with a lice comb or a comb whose teeth are very close together and remove all the ugly little critters you find.

The advantage of the lice comb is that it will also detach the nits hanging on the hair. It is found in supermarkets or pharmacies. Repeat this process for several days until you are sure you can no longer see the lice. Remember to check your own hair and that of the rest of your family.

How To Make Your Own Anti-Lice Lotion With Essential Oils?

Here are two simple Tea Tree-based lice treatment recipes. Mix: – 50 ml of vegetable oil (olive or sunflower or argan oil ) – 20 drops of tea tree essential oil or Mix: – 50 ml of vegetable oil (olive or sunflower or argan oil) – 10 drops of tea tree essential oil – 10 drops of fine lavender essential oil (real or officinal). The addition of fine lavender makes it possible to reinforce the curative effect of the anti-lice lotion thus created. Mix well.

Massage the hair to distribute the mixture over the entire scalp. Cover the hair with a bathing cap. Leave on for 2 hours.

Then rinse with his ordinary shampoo. This application will have to be repeated 2 more times with 3 days of spacing between each session. Anti-lice treatment based on Tea-Tree: advantages and disadvantages


100% natural method, without chemicals. – It can be used as a treatment for lice, being diluted in vegetable oil, and combined with fine lavender oil (real). Cost: variable depending on the product purchased, other associated essential oils, and the number of people to be treated.


To be used in adults or children over 7 years old only. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Avoid contact with mucous membranes and eyes.


Tea-Tree essential oil is very powerful because it contains oxides (1,8-cineole). Do not use it purely on the skin. You can check it on your hands back before treatment. Also, avoid contact with mucous membranes and eyes. Do not use in pregnant or breastfeeding women, in children under 7 years old and elderly. This sheet does not, in any case, constitute an application manual or a medical reference, and can not replace the experience and know-how of a professional. Please consult an aromatherapy specialist before using any essential oil.

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