Will A Flat Iron Kill Lice?

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Are you feeling itchy or there is crawling sensation in your head, the reason could be the small parasites that are crawling inside your hair. What are they named? They are called lice, you know. If you are experiencing already, you know well about them and their behavior. If you don’t know and want to know how they live inside your hair and how to remove them, keep reading.

Some people fed up by using chemicals for killing lice but unfortunately fail to do so, home remedies are a better option for you to avail. I think you are also one of them. You’re going to use a flat iron for finishing lice and lice eggs(nits). You surely don’t know the reason why people use this. Let’s continue with reasons.

Does Straightening Hair Get Rid Of Lice?

Where you find that idea? Have you ever used this trick against lice? If yes! Then you already find your answer. People use this because they know that heat can kill insects but is it flat iron that kills lice. You can use this because it is a harmless treatment, plus it is easy to use by anyone. Most of the female use this to straighten their hair for styling purpose. It gives heat to your hair, and heat kills lice and their eggs.

Can Flat Ironing Kill Lice Eggs?

Lice eggs contain a hard shell on it, which protects them from breakage while you comb your hair or scratch while feeling itchy. Heat can kill lice, but can it kill nits? Yes, it can kill but not completely. If you want to cure your case temporarily, then it works. If you are not that one, continue.

Can Lice Survive A Hair Straightener?

Lice are small and slow speedy when wandering outside the hair, but they have hooked legs that help them to stand the hair easily. They can move as quickly under your hair as you can’t see or catch easily. When you are using a flat iron on one side of the head, they move to the other side, and after it, when you are on the other hand they came back to the straightened area. In this way, they survive themself.

What Temperature Kills Lice?

Lice are the small tricky pests, and you are going to use heat against them. What temperature do you need to kill? At 120 degrees on a Fahrenheit scale, you can kill lice and their eggs. That means if every part of your hair is getting the same temperature at once, then your mission is successful. Is it possible? No, you can’t use many straighteners at once on your scalp.

Can Flat Iron Make Lice Worse?

When you are giving heat again and again to your hair, the lice problem can increase instead of decreasing. As aforementioned, they can survive a hair straightener. They will make resistance to the flat iron. If some of them die, others who left can make their team again after hatching eggs.

Safety Risks Of Using Hot Iron For Kids? 

It is risky to use because flat iron works at high temperatures, and lice live near the scalp. Your scalp is sensitive to bear that temperature, especially children who are usually affected by lice. Here is another danger that it can damage their hair with a continuous heat process. So it’s better to choose an alternative source like the use of oil and combing after it. Combing is a time gaining procedure, although it is safe to use for every age.

Are you now satisfy the priceless, safe, and easy method that is combing. You just have to repeat that method 2 to 3 weeks continuously.

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